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YMCA Humber receive charity donation to fund horticulture project to benefit over 100 residents

The Care Plus Group Charitable Trust has recently donated £2,480 to YMCA Humber, to support their residents to engage with a horticulture project, Road to Recovery.

This project will empower and enable those the YMCA Humber support to ignite their passion and discover a love of gardening and the environment. The project has the potential to benefit over 100 people, with residents across several accommodations, including Peaks Lane, The Foyer, Community House and the Female Community House, working together to develop their understanding of the growth cycle, preparation of the site and grow their own fruit and vegetables to be eaten later in the year.

The donation will enable YMCA Humber to purchase a range of gardening tools, watering cans, seed trays, large grow pots, potting compost, grow bags, seeds, vegetable and fruit plants, work boots for residents, a polytunnel cover and host a harvest celebration towards the end of the season.

Residents participating in the Road to Recovery project will develop valuable skills in horticulture, cooking, project management, leadership, communication, and team working.

Sharon Marray, Head of Finance and Information Systems at YMCA Humber said: “Thank you so much to Care Plus Group Charitable Trust for funding our Road to Recovery project. The grant will be a huge help to us in providing residents with activities to benefit their health and wellbeing, which we are passionate about.

“We recognise the huge positive impact gardening and horticulture has on mental health, and we want to unlock this opportunity to be able to support and empower our residents who have come from trauma, poor mental health, substance misuse and homelessness.

“We have seen the positive changes to people when they spend time outdoors in the fresh air, whether that is working with our coaches to plant and care for our orchard trees or looking after our irrigation system. Our previous environmental projects have exceeded our expectations, so we are really excited about seeing this project come together.

Neil Cartwright, Trustee of Care Plus Group Charitable Trust, said: “As a charity we exist to support individuals or groups with funds or equipment that will benefit the health and wellbeing of community members across North East Lincolnshire. The work at YMCA Humber and their vision matches that of the Trust and we’re delighted to have been able to support them with funds to run their Road to Recovery horticulture project.

“The Care Plus Group Charitable Trust continues to provide additional support and resources to improve the lives of people and communities across North East Lincolnshire. We would encourage anyone with a project that could make a difference to their local community to explore how the Charitable Trust could help them.”

To date, The Care Plus Group Charitable Trust has provided more than £93,000 to more than 90 community projects across North East Lincolnshire since its inception in 2016.

Further information about the Care Plus Group Charitable Trust and how to apply for funding is available at

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