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Who We Support

The Care Plus Group Charitable Trust is there to help the whole community of Lincolnshire. This could be an individual or a group. It is open to people currently receiving care or services from Care Plus Group or those who have not had any dealings with us before.

Individuals or groups can apply for charitable funds for equipment or treatment that would be of benefit to their health or wellbeing and which is not currently available through the NHS or other funded routes. The fund is also open for applications from Care Plus Group’s staff and volunteers for ad hoc training that would benefit the people they care for.


Examples of the types of things the fund can be used for include:

  • A piece of equipment that would improve the quality or life of someone with a disability or in rehabilitation

  • To provide equipment or resources for a community group whose activities benefit the health and wellbeing of individuals

  • Equipment to support existing volunteer organisations in the community

  • To pay for a specialist training sessions to a group or Care Plus Group staff

Eligibility Criteria
  • Resident of Lincolnshire

  • Do not need to be a current Care Plus Group service user

  • Can be for an individual or community group (new or already in existence)

  • Funding from £100 to £5000

  • If used for equipment or treatment this cannot be for something that is available via the NHS or other funding body

  • One-off non-recurring grant

  • Can be used for partial funding of equipment

  • Can be used for match-funding

  • Multiple applications can be made but must be for different projects

  • All applicants will be allocated a Care Plus Group Sponsor

  • Care Plus Group staff can nominate people they are dealing with for funding through the charity

Grant Application Form

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