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The North Wall Cleaner Rides Again!

FRANK Sparkes, “the trailer man of Grimsby”, has been funded £2,380 by CPG Charitable Trust to keep his recycling mission to clean up Grimsby’s fly-tipping and clean up our coastline.

Trustees and Frank posing in front of the brand new trailer.
(From left to right) Trustee, Angela Smith; The North Wall Cleaner, Frank Sparkes and Trustee, Nikki Cook.

Frank, also known as “The North Wall Cleaner”, has been cleaning up Grimsby and Cleethorpes for over 20 years now. With help of his trailer, bin bags and rubbish picking tools, he has worked hard to keep the coastline clear of bottles, glass, dangerous needles, and other washed-up refuse. He has also made great efforts towards reducing Grimsby’s fly-tippings.

The funding went towards Frank’s new trailer, bin bags, petrol and litter pickers.

We asked Frank what he hopes to do next and how he feels after being successfully funded. He said:

“The trailer is absolutely wonderful and has made a big difference to my work. It means I can collect and dispose of more rubbish, which is great for the environment. Because the trailer is new, it means I don’t have to worry about repairs which is a great help. I can’t thank Care Plus Group Charitable Trust enough!”

Frank Sparkes posing in front of his trailer with a Care Plus Group Charitable Trust logo on the side.
All branded up!

CPG Charitable Trust Trustee, Angela Smith, commented on Frank’s work. She said:

“It was good to meet Frank who is very enthusiastic about his work within our communities, the Trustees are delighted to be able to support the great work that Frank does to help our environment.”

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