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Welholme Works Community Centre given donation to provide ‘design and make’ sessions to young adults

Earlier this year, Care Plus Group Charitable Trust donated £3,888 to Welholme Works Community Centre to purchase the necessary equipment to host a design and make group at the centre for young adults who are looking for activities to channel their attention into.

The funds went towards buying screen printing starter kits, allowing for a variety of designs to be made on clothing, accessories, prints and posters through the use of new iPads, cricuts and a heat press.

Welholme Works is a community hub in the Heneage Ward of Grimsby which has high levels of deprivation. There are lots of young families in the vicinity and higher than usual levels of unemployment, meaning residents really value access to free and low cost activities put on by the centre.

The team already host group sessions for older residents, but were conscious there were many males needing positive activities to help with managing their mental wellbeing. The sessions provide hands on, physical and creative activities whilst at the same time allowing participants to create new connections with other local residents.

A spokesperson at Welholme Works, said: “Men’s mental health is something that we’re really keen to be able to try and support in someway and we think access to social groups along with a physical and creative element would be something that we could really help make a difference with.”

The team at Welholme Works have connections with local groups who signpost those who need this kind of activity to them, they hadn’t been in a position to facilitate such a project. They will work with local creatives to facilitate the sessions creating a larger network for those who attend, with the aim of creating new hobbies and interests for participants which could then be pursued further across other activities and workshops locally.

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