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Interactive photography project provided by NE Lincs Community Friends

Care Plus Group Charitable Trust recently donated £1,652 to NE Lincs Community Friends to help them provide families, individuals and persons who are socially isolated or have a basic disability with access to an interactive photography programme.

The funds will go towards covering the costs of tuition, photographic equipment, preparing all course work and a photo frame print for each family group or individual that takes part in the project.

The programme will introduce participants to local nature spots throughout the community, with activities taking place within local parks, beaches, nature reserves and local farm land the group have been granted permission to use.

Here are Butterflies Day Nursery enjoying their find and seek mission. The children had to find the fairy house, then identify and learn the name of the animal living behind the door.

John Stockton from NE Lincs Community Friends, said: "Thanks to Care Plus Group Charitable Trust for the very kind donation. The funds have given 45 infants an exciting day!"


Next we have Flourish, a group of adults with learning difficulties. They are another group to benefit from the donation to NE Lincs Community Friends.

These photos were taken by the learners who had to complete a task and take photos as they followed the path around Humberston Country Park.

Explore how the Charitable Trust could support your health and wellbeing project to improve the lives of others across Lincolnshire at

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