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Faraway CIC receive funds to create neurospace adaptive sensory environment for autistic people

The Faraway CIC were recently granted £5,000 from Care Plus Group Charitable Trust to build a neurospace adaptive sensory environment for autistic people at its centre on Queen Street, Grimsby.

The Faraway CIC provide support for those in the community with unique minds, to ensure that they are offered what they need to truly feel welcome within the community.

The sensory room will benefit autistic people through the Adult Autism Service at Care Plus Group, and the Faraway CIC.

A spokesperson at The Faraway CIC said: “Most sensory environments such as Snoelezen rooms are bright and loud, however, many autistics are sensory-avoidant rather than sensory-seeking, so bright and loud may not be appropriate. We’re designing an adaptive environment that can provide quiet and dark as well as visual and auditory stimuli.”

The team had created an adaptive sensory room mockup 3D render to support their application, which can be viewed via YouTube, below.

Explore how the Charitable Trust could support your health and wellbeing project, to improve the lives of others across Lincolnshire at

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