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Cromwell Road Resource Centre to install new summer house with Trust donation

Earlier this year, Cromwell Road Resource Centre was awarded £3,000 from the CPG Charitable Trust contributing towards the costs of a summer house for the benefit of service-users, volunteers, and staff.

The funds will be used to dig out and install a concrete base and erect a summer house in the rear grounds of Cromwell Road Resource Centre.

The rear garden at the centre is a fantastic resource for service users, volunteers, and staff however the space is unshaded and during the summer becomes difficult to find shelter from the sun. The summer house in the garden will allow those at the centre to use the outside grounds a lot more during hotter weather, which helps to improve the health and wellbeing of this vulnerable group within the community.

Explore how the Charitable Trust could support your health and wellbeing project, to improve the lives of others across Lincolnshire at

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