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Accessible Fun in the Community – Funded!

Charitable Trust pledge £916 towards the funding of sports equipment for BeGreatFitness to deliver free sessions that promote socialisation, self-esteem and personal growth.

In December 2022, Care Plus Group Charitable Trust received an application for funding from BeGreatFitness to deliver community-focused sessions. These were to take place in schools, care homes, and community centres. The purpose of these sessions was to provide a safe and supportive environment for adults with additional needs and children with behavioural issues to engage in activities that promote socialization, self-esteem, and personal growth.

Funds would go towards the purchase of new equipment that will be used to enhance the range and quality of the activities the offer, as well as make them more accessible to a wider range of participants.

The Charitable Trust trustees loved this idea and decided to put £916 towards it, which covered costs of all equipment requested.

When asked about what the funding would be used for, Bailey, the Project Manager said:

“This funding has meant so much to not only our company, but the people we serve within the community. Being able to upgrade our kit has not only upgraded our sessions but upgraded my business.
“Because of this opportunity we managed to receive further support from a global boxing company, SparBar. They have invited myself and my Flourish group (Adults with additional needs) to meet Manny Pacquiao in London. Thank you so much, folks!”

Nikki Cook, Trustee for Care Plus Group Charitable Trust, said:

“It was great to meet Bailey and some of the service users he supports and engages with. Bailey is great, full of energy and clearly enjoys what he does.
“The service users were having a great time too, I am really pleased we supported this application, it’s having such a great positive impact on the community.”

Explore how the Charitable Trust could support your health and wellbeing project, to improve the lives of others across Lincolnshire at

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