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Meet The Trustees

Mandy Matthews

About Me

I have worked in social care for nearly 40 years of my life in Learning Disability Day Services and in the past few years including Physical Disability Day Services and Older Peoples Day Services.

I firmly believe in promoting the rights and choices for people to lead lives of their own choosing.

During my working life I have been privileged to work in partnership with a range of community & voluntary providers and recognise how dreams, goals, opportunities, and experiences can be achieved when we work together.

Angela Smith
Why I am a Trustee

I became a Care Plus Group Charitable Trust Trustee in 2021 having been a Trustee in a charity previously.

I recognise the work the charity was doing and the positive impact it was making to individuals and groups.

I want to support people who live locally with managing and possibly improving their health & wellbeing.

Through the charity I can make a difference to someone’s life, however big or small. Creating new opportunities & experiences, providing a vital piece of equipment, or supporting an individual, family or group when they are most in need, making a real difference when it matters.

I am keen to develop the charity and see it grow so it continues to support local people in our community.

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