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Meet The Trustees

Amanda Young

About Me

I have worked for Care Plus Group since it started and prior to that for the Primary Care Trust and the local hospital as an Occupational Therapist. This has given me a wealth of experience regarding Health and Wellbeing issues in the local community.

I enjoy outdoor activities, especially running and fell walking which I do several times a week.

I enjoy problem solving and working in a team.

Amanda Young
Why I am a Trustee

I am passionate about working with individuals and groups to improve the Health and
Wellbeing of the local community.

I have worked in health for over 35 years and want to be able to help groups and individuals
by supporting them with small grants to make changes to benefit themselves or the local

I have helped raise money for the charity to support a cause that was important to me and
am keen to look at ways of boosting the charities fundraising in the future.

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