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Hope Street Trust give more patients access to remote rehabilitation thanks to funding

The Care Plus Group Charitable Trust has recently donated £1,855 to the Hope Street Trust to be used for the benefit of Hope Specialist Service patients, as they continue to support people with mobility and respiratory problems.

The donation has enabled the Hope Street Trust to purchase five android tablet devices, with built in broadband, to offer patients the ability to join a ten week Falls or Pulmonary Rehabilitation programme from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

The use of the tablet devices will also reduce the number of hospital admissions and GP appointments, as the patients learn how to self-manage their condition through their participation in the rehabilitation programme.

Rachel Branson, Treasurer of the Hope Street Trust, said: “Thank you so much to Care Plus Group Charitable Trust for providing funds for the tablet devices. The grant will be a huge help to Hope’s patients and staff as the service continues to offer rehabilitation programmes via Zoom.

“We have found that a significant number of patients have no internet or access to Smart devices. By providing them with tablet devices for the duration of the 10 week programme we can speed up their ability to access pre-assessment appointments and rehabilitation programmes, as we do not anticipate being able to offer gym-based rehab until 2021.

“There are also patients who, for reasons such as anxiety or high risk of infection, are unable to leave their homes to attend a gym-based programme. For them, remote rehab is actually a better option than gym-based sessions. We therefore plan to continue offering remote rehab alongside gym-based sessions when we are able to re-start them post-COVID 19.”

Lisa Revell, Trustee of Care Plus Group Charitable Trust, said: “As a charity we were delighted to support the Hope Street Trust with their application for five tablet devices. The Trust exists to support individuals or groups with funds or equipment that will benefit the health and wellbeing of community members across North East Lincolnshire, and Hope will do just this.”

To date, The Care Plus Group Charitable Trust has provided more than £93,000 to more than 90 community projects across North East Lincolnshire since its inception in 2016.

Neil Cartwright, Trustee of Care Plus Group Charitable Trust, said: “The Care Plus Group Charitable Trust continues to provide additional support and resources to improve the lives of people and communities across North East Lincolnshire.

“The diversity of projects being funded shows that local communities have a passion for improving the health and quality of life for people within the area. We would encourage anyone with a project that could make a difference to their local community to explore how the Charitable Trust could help them.”

Further information about the Care Plus Group Charitable Trust and how to apply for funding is available at

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