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Community Cardiology given a funding boost to support more people with heart conditions

The Care Plus Group Charitable Trust has recently donated £560 to Care Plus Groups’ Community Cardiology service, as they continue to support people living with heart conditions across the area.

The donation allowed Community Cardiology to purchase additional heart monitors to capture heart rhythms when patients are experiencing palpitations, including missed beats, skipped beats, heart racing or fluttering.

The heart monitor devices link to the patient’s smart phone, enabling the data to be emailed to the team at Community Cardiology for it to be analysed and acted upon immediately, if required.

Rachel Jones, Advanced Cardiac Physiologist for Community Cardiology at Care Plus Group, said: “We are so grateful for the funding from Care Plus Group Charitable Trust. The donation gives us the opportunity to treat even more people experiencing heart conditions through the use of these additional monitors.

“The devices are loaned out to patients for a month at a time to monitor any changes to their condition over a prolonged period. Now that we have more heart monitors we can offer the service to even more patients to capture their heart rate and rhythm during their symptoms of palpitations and dizziness.”

Lisa Revell, Trustee of Care Plus Group Charitable Trust, said: “We were very happy to support the application for additional heart monitors for Community Cardiology. We appreciate just how valuable this equipment will be to the team and to people living with heart conditions across North East Lincolnshire.”

To date, The Care Plus Group Charitable Trust has provided more than £93,000 to more than 90 community projects across North East Lincolnshire since its inception in 2016.

Neil Cartwright, Trustee of Care Plus Group Charitable Trust, said: “The Care Plus Group Charitable Trust continues to provide additional support and resources to improve the lives of people and communities across North East Lincolnshire.

“The diversity of projects being funded shows that local communities have a passion for improving the health and quality of life for people within the area. We are delighted to be able to be a part of the journey and provide ongoing support and encouragement to those in need.”

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